Your statutory rights as a consumer are not affected by any of the following terms and conditions.
All prices quoted are in Pounds Sterling. Every effort is made to display prices correctly but on rare occasions if an error has occurred, Balloons and Bows will correct this and inform the customer accordingly and the customer can then decide to proceed or cancel the order there after. Please print your email order confirmation as your receipt of purchase. Please note, a quotation does not confirm your booking. Once a booking deposit/full balance where necessary, has been received, then your booking is confirmed. 
Bookings/Hire Equipment/Damages/Security Deposits  
Our stocks, whilst comprehensive, can be exhausted at peak times. We work strictly on a first come first served basis so please book early. Last minute bookings may restrict the services we can offer you. Balloons and Bows Decoration Service bookings must be secured with a £50.00 non-refundable deposit at time of booking to secure the event date. For Cancellation of booking or venue/date change see below. The deposit amount will be deducted from your final balance which will be due no later than four weeks prior to your event date. Failure to do so could result in the loss of your deposit & cancellation of your booking without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay on time. Bookings made less than four weeks before the event require full settlement immediately  We DO NOT under any circumstances give credit. Confirmation of your booking will be emailed to confirm full payment & order details, please keep this as your proof of payment & booking. All materials left on site will be owned by the client unless your booking includes 'Hire equipment' from  Balloons and Bows.  Once Balloons and Bows have left your venue, we are no longer responsible for damage/bursts/loss of any kind. Once displayed, we do not recommend relocating any displays we create. 

A returnable 'security' deposit depending on the value of the apparatus used will be calculated and added to the value of your booking. *A separate security deposit is required per chair cover hire booking, see below for full details.  Upon safe return of such apparatus no later than three days after your party/event, your security deposit will be returned in the same manner it was given (chair covers are collected by our staff on all occasions). 
Where Hire equipment is returned later than agreed, a daily hire charge of £5 will be deducted from your security deposit up to a maximum of 7 days after your event. Where Hire equipment is not returned more than  7 days after  your event, you will loose ALL of your security deposits from all services hired. We will then forward an invoice for payment to cover the balance cost of the equipment not returned.  We rely on quick hire return to ensure we do not jeopardize  future clients bookings.  Unless specified on your booking agreement, it is the responsibility of 'the hirer' to return all hire equipment to Balloons and Bows no later than three working days after your event. Where hire equipment is left at your venue overnight, you are still liable at all times. Collection may be possible, however, this must be booked in advance and will incur a charge depending on the mileage. 
Should any Balloons and Bows property deemed to be 'on hire' suffer damage of any degree it is the responsibility of the named client ('the Hirer') at time of booking. This may result in partial or full loss of 'security' deposit. Balloons and Bows are no longer liable for décor once they have left your venue or décor has been collected. Please be aware heat, cold and static could reduce float times or even burst your balloons. Where services are collected from Balloons and Bows you are not covered for damages once is has left the care of  our premises.  Should balloons/hire services be damaged after this time, no refund will be given, charges may be incurred to fully replace any damaged 'on hire' equipment. 
Where venue staff/clients have moved/re-arranged décor/Hire equipment and damage occurs, we are not liable, responsibility stays with the Named 'hirer/client'  on your agreement. It is entirely up to the 'hirer/client' to  seek any recompense direct with their venue contact or any third parties that may have been in contact with hire services equipment or direct purchase services.
Where a client requires hire of Chair covers with Organza sash, they will be required to pay a separate minimum deposit of £50 to secure the number required. Where the number increases less than 8 weeks before your event, we cannot guarantee availability. Where the number of covers required reduces less than 8 weeks but no less than 4 weeks before your event we will only charge for the amount hired. Should you wish to cancel your chair cover hire more than 4 weeks before your event, you will only loose your deposit. A security deposit is always required per booking for damage or loss. Where covers or sashes are missing a full replacement charge of £10 per chair cover & £5 per sash will be deducted from your security deposit. Where damage is unrepairable and can not be removed we will deduct full replacement cost as before. Minor food and drink marks and minor shoe scuffs around the bottom of the cover is acceptable. Your security deposit is only refundable once all covers have been collected, counted and checked. 99% of the time your venue will have removed all covers and sashes from their chairs ready for our collection. Where this has not happened, we will charge a maximum of £25 to undress all chairs covering extra labour time incurred.

If for any reason, access to the venue is restricted or denied at the stated time of delivery there is a risk your decoration will not be completed. Once your booking is confirmed your invoice will clearly state 'minimum time required on site', please ensure your venue staff are fully aware of this and do not put your event at risk of delay. In the unlikely event this happens, no refund will be available. For health & safety reasons it is important that the venue allows undisturbed working space and power supply for full working time on site. Please inform venue staff of our requirements. On the rare occasion where venue staff prevent our access due to 'last minute' changes, we are not responsible for incomplete decor. Please be aware we never rush décor  however, a time frame is allocated to every booking therefore we can not stay at venue's unnecessarily due to venue staff inefficiency. Bookings requiring completion prior to 8.30am and after 5pm will incur a higher rate of delivery charge.
Bad Weather/Cancellation/venue delays/Traffic Delay's/Changes to booking.                                                  
Where Balloons and Bows cancel a booking due to bad weather or bad weather prevents completion of the event, 25% of the FULL payment will be refunded providing full payment had already been made. However, where the event can be rescheduled & subject to availability, we will transfer your booking deposit as a good will gesture. Where the client cancels an event, no refund will be given. Where * 'payment at point of delivery' has been agreed, this still constitutes agreement to accept the service requested with full payment regardless of any changes to the clients plans/arrangements. *Where payment is unavailable at point of delivery, your order will be cancelled and full amount will be invoiced. We are always at the mercy of the traffic as we navigate to and from deliveries, where delays are caused however significant, we are not liable for late delivery.
Bespoke designs will be paid in full once you have entered into a written or verbal agreement. Change of event date is subject to availability only. You will loose your deposit for the cancelled date and be required to pay an additional £25 to secure your new date. Where your venue is changed, we will charge £25 for a new consultation if required. Depending on location an additional delivery charge may be incurred. Where your new proposed date is fully booked, please read cancellation terms below. We will always state arrival time on your booking invoice, it is the clients responsibility to ensure this is arranged. Where venue's are closed/not ready we are not responsible for any incomplete décor. We are always happy to liaise with your venue contact if required, this must be agreed when booking. Your venue must be ready for décor and/or Chair covers upon our arrival. 
Should you wish to cancel or postpone your booking prior to full payment being made, you will only loose your deposits securing that date. To re-book on a different date, you will be required to pay £25 deposit to reserve your new date as before, chair cover deposit will be transferred  Bookings cancelled after full payment has been made: 2-4 weeks prior to event date you will loose 75% of total booking value. Bookings cancelled 2 weeks or less before event date, you will loose the full amount paid. A design change fee may be charged if decor changes are made after full payment has been settled.

Please remember it is not safe for children to be left unattended with Balloons. Foil (Mylar) balloons must never be released outdoors.  Balloons and Bows will not be held responsible for injury of any degree, it is the sole responsibility of the 'client/purchaser' to ensure all decorations, packaging & apparatus are safe in the presents of others. Balloons and Bows will not be held responsible for any injury, physical or otherwise caused due to misuse of Balloons or party ware. Where displays/materials are on public rights of way the client/customer is solely responsible to acquire necessary permissions from local authorities/land owners/health & safety to do so. All materials left on site unless otherwise stated to be 'on hire' are the sole property of the client/customer.
The noted dimensions of mylar balloons are their size uninflated, as designated by manufacturers. A mylar balloon with a noted size of 18 inches will be closer to 13 inches once inflated. This discrepancy is not as significant with larger mylar balloons. For example, a 28-inch mylar would typically be 24 inches at the widest point after inflation.
The dimensions of latex balloons is their inflated size. For example, an 11-inch latex balloon has an 11-inch diameter at the widest point and is usually inflated within an inch of stated overall size to maximise balloon wall thickness.

All personal details obtained between the customer and Balloons and Bows are Private & Confidential. Details obtained as part of using our service will never be passed onto a third party. We reserve the right to alter or change any part of our terms and conditions without notice.